About Us

Our company launched an online business card printing, business card template editing program in the year 2007, that lets our clients printing business cards in a faster, more convenient and modernized way. In the previous years, we specialized in creative and printing services, now with 12 years of experience in these fields.

Our main goal is to offer top-quality business cards to an extremely wide range of all the world's Internet users, printed in all the languages of this planet - in particular to the small business and private customers. Our staff are working every day to improve our work processes, with technology developed in accordance with the requirements of our customers.


InternetPrint Kft.
Registration number: 0109956205
Tamás u. 14. fsz. 4.
Budapest (III.)
Hungary (European Union)

Digital Print Shop:

Jegenye u. 6.
Budapest (X.)
Hungary (European Union)

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