Privacy and Security


During the design of our Business card production system, special care was taken to the utmost to make your data secure.

If you become our customer, your contact email, the shipping and billing information, as well as business card information will be recorded in the system. This data is protected and safely stored on our servers properly configured. These data and backups are only accessable to our loyal collegues, who are fully aware of our responsibility in criminal law. We guarantee that this data is never - for any reason - will be given to a third party.

We hate spam! We will never sell your email, or any of your data to any third party, and we will never send you ads. We will use your data only to contact you.

The ordered and printed business cards are under the same security policy. Our collegues who prepare your business cards are fully aware of their responsibility about your personal data. Our products are packaged in a safe, discrete packaging. Your business cards are your private property from the start, and they can only reach noone else but you.

You can pay the products viaPayPal. PayPal has an internationally recognized, secure payment system, which is integrated with the business card design application. This is for you to ensure that your credit card details are safe.(We cannot get and cannot store any of your credit card data, it is only handled by PayPal.)

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